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Fugazee is not just a clothing line it’s an emotion of the streets. We are here to change the way our teenagers and young adults look at fashion. Fashion is not just about fancy outfits its so much more. Our brand is solely for the upcoming trendsetters, tastemakers & avant-garde young men. We soak in the best of global creativity & mix our street sauce to bring out some lip-smacking head-turning Streetwear. 

Fugazee was created in 2015 with a sole mission to change the streetwear scene in India. We did not follow any of the ongoing business antics but made our journey through the streets of India online by creating outfits nobody else were doing. We got an incredible response during the first few months of our launch. We knew that we hit the sweet spot immediately and continued on our streetwear journey online. 

Our Streetwear speaks with our target audience in such an engaging way that our customers don't just wear them, they talk about them as well. We have such an amazing bunch of customers that love is clearly visible on our social media. 

Furthermore Fugazee has brought multiple street uniforms which became a cult in itself. We introduced breakthrough designs to the Indian market and created a viral trend out of them. 

We are one-upping  our competitors by providing premium garments & quality finishing with a cutting edge design so it's so evident when you compare us with anyone. 

Today Fugazee continues its journey on becoming the most desired Menswear brand in India and evolving & innovating every day whilst keeping our street culture in Mind.

Aspire to Inspire before you Expire


Fugazee : Streets in our DNA

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